Wake Up & Smell the Roses in your Skincare Routine

Wake Up & Smell the Roses in your Skincare Routine

As the sun continues to blaze and hit my skin during the long summer days, rose water has become my remedy to soothe, hydrate and calm my skin down. I didn’t realize there were so many benefits of roses in skincare. I decided to do some reasearch and share with you some of the benefits of adding this to your skin regimen. One of the first perks, is that it can benefit all types of skin and one of the biggest perks for aging skin like my 30 plus years skin is that it helps to repair and reduce the signs of aging. Lots of perks right off the bat and here are five ways to add roses to your skin regimen and the benefits of using it on your skin:
 When it comes to red and irritated and sensitive skin, roses contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which can reduce the effects of these issues.  Starting with a gentle rose clenaser like the Fresh Rose Cleansing foam will help with dryness, dullness and give the skin an instant face lift with notiecable firmness. The soap-free formula removes dirt and daily impurities without stripping the skin of essential oils and moisture.


Rose water can help reduce acne by removing oil and dirt from your skin reducing bacteria growth and future breakouts.  Want to try a diy rosewater toner? Try this one here on how to make you own at home!


 What better way to calm and reset the skin than with a mask? A favorite go-to when my skin feels out of whack or super irritated and dry…Fresh Rose Face Mask. The way it calms and heals the skin is simply amazing. Try it for yourself, it’s safe enough to use daily and is a perfect staple for the hot summer months and beyond.


Rose water alone isn’t enough to hydrate dry skin, so find a a moisturizer that can assist with the benefits of rsoewater. Like the peace rose oil in the Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Facial Moisturizer, it makes my skin feel super moisturized and the lighweight formula helps it absorb quickly which makes it perfect to place under my makeup, giving me easier application of my foundation.

 Freshen your face throughout the day by taking rose water on your day out.  Rosewater can help calm heat beaten skin, calming it by reducing the sensation of burning and the look of redness. Pop it in the fridge before you head out and  it will give you bursts of cool, refreshing sprays for your time out. My favorite go-to is the Mario Badescu Rose Spray $7 bucks and easy to grab at my local Ulta or The Cosmetic Market!
What are your thoughts on rosewater in skincare? Have you already discovered the benefits? Share and let me know what you use and any new tips that I can add to lists!
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