Why You Should Try An Anti-Aging Skin Care System-The Lancer Method

Why You Should Try An Anti-Aging Skin Care System-The Lancer Method

I’ve been overdue with sharing this anti-aging skin care system with you guys called The Lancer Method. For over the last month, this has been my “almost” everyday regimen for clean and glowing skin aka younger looking skin. My reluctance to share was initially the price point and the fact that normally I don’t do too well with skin care systems so I predicted an okay experience with the products. I personally gravitate more towards separate products that work well for my skin but after spending a good amount of time with the system and also seeing the results (oh and I heard whispers that Beyonce uses this too)…I was sold that if not the entire system, you will enjoy something from these amazing skin care products.

So, I’ve used other anti-aging products before and when I was younger acne systems were my jam (raise your hands if you ever tried Proactiv!). Currently, I’m 36 and have combination and prone to dehydration skin (Thanks 30’s!) with an oily t-zone and break outs are rare.

Using the system, it’s going to change the way your skin care works and how your face feels every day. On day one, I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. It felt super soft and had a glow! After using it for a month, my skin has maintained the first initial results and the overall look of texture or any hyper pigmentation has faded tremendously. Remember the products can’t do all the work. From our day to day activities, diet etc… all these things seep into our bodies and through our skin. Do more than just use the products! It’s important to build a barrier to keep our skin clean, and protected for as long as possible through our health.  

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My Fall Anti-Aging Skincare Regimen: The Lancer Method

1- Polish

Removes surface debris while infusing your skin with oxygen to make it more radiant and smooth.The polish gave my skin a much needed exfoliation without being too harsh but it really felt like was getting in there.

2- Cleanse

Smells sooo good! Gently removes all daily impurities and balances the skin’s pH level so it can receive treatment while removing dirt and makeup leaving skin really soft and bouncy

3- Nourish

Boost skin’s oxygen level and cell function. Once absorbed, skin has a visibly renewed, youthful glow It has thick consistency and  gives great results overnight after sinking into your skin and doing it’s thing

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If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a fan of the Lancer Method System. I find it perfect for my lifestyle and skin care needs. It may seem like a higher price point but you’re getting three products that will lasts for atleast 2-3 months with everyday use. A little goes a long way. Try it out in store before you buy with a small sample and see if your skin responds well. Lancer Skincare products are regulated by US cosmetic standards and strict safety guidelines. However, with any cosmetic and/or other personal care product use during pregnancy or during breastfeeing, it’s recommended that you discuss with your personal physician, as they may want you to avoid using certain ingredients. All ingredients are listed on the packaging and on their website, should you need further details.

What anti aging are you loving right now? Let me know if you’re giving this system a go!



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