Summer Stylish Nursing Wear

Summer Stylish Nursing Wear

There’s a way to keep a stylish wardrobe through a life big change like motherhood. Just because we had or are having babies style doesn’t have to be sacrificed. Come on now, I know you’ve seen Beyonce slaying in her pregnancy!
Today’s post shows you ways to maximize and slay your summer style all while breastfeeding.

Just like maternity wear, nursing wear gets a bad wrap for old fashioned looking collections or super obvious pieces that scream pregnancy or that there’s “gold milk” under your top. Don’t get me wrong, the companies that create these pieces to keep us comfortable while going through these stages do a great job like pink blush maternity,  they create stylish pieces to wear during pregnancy, while nursing and after birth. If you’re in the department of not spending too much and wanting to maximize your current wardrobe by looking at pieces you already have then let’s look into options that are “breastfeeding friendly”, super chic and stylish for summer.

Nothing makes breastfeeding easier than having comfortable wear with accessibility especially on a hot summer day like a cute camisole, a trendy off the shoulder top or cute romper to unbutton and pull to the side for baby. Stretchable and breathable fabrics are going to be your best friend when looking into these pieces. For more discreet nursing, complete your looks with light scarves, a thin cardigan or a cute nursing cover.  I don’t know about you but whenI’m invited to certain events with my little guy in tow traditional nursing pieces don’t always fit my style. If you’re looking for trendy options that don’t require a fight to work or compromise on any end from style to function then check out the pieces below.

Enjoy your days out this summer with chic and fashionable wear and check out the pieces below:

Button Up




Spaghetti Straps

What nursing/breastfeeding style tips do you have to share? Do you find yourself shopping for traditional nursing options or do you work with what you have?
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