The Problem with Wearing Too Many Hats

The Problem with Wearing Too Many Hats

I can go on and on about the challenges of owning your own business(s) but recently after adding yet another title under my brand umbrella I’ve found myself gasping for air some days. I literally fall asleep with a laptop on lap and wake up with it.

From my own personal experience, here’s one of the big problems with wearing too many hats…burnout. In developing my brand, I’ve tapped into a lot of skill sets that have turned into multiple streams of income for me.  I feel my skills all fall somewhere within the same category but they operate and demand different operations and more out of me.

If this sounds anything like your situation, I have a few tips to hopefully give you some relief.


My businesses are so new and real profit is finally starting to roll in consistently. Outsourcing just didn’t seem to be in the cards but waiting has caused a lot of stress.

What I’m realizing is that this is costing me more money by doing it myself and sanity! More time on projects with longer turnaround times, not being available to new opportunities and clients because my hands are too full with other things is a recipe for disaster. The fast track will star to slow down because no room to go forward.


Take a step back and really see if the stress of it all is necessary. You have to ask yourself a few questions and give them real answers.  Create a job description for your hats, you may  have the skills for creating a particular product  but are you skilled in selling it? Are you really right for the job? What do you lack in the job description?


Focus on the Core 

Are you busy from real growth with your company or are you just busy because you’re spread thin and picking up opportunity everywhere?

Identify what the meat and bones are to your company. Structure and run your business off the activities that are making real impact!


There’s a quote out there that says, “Entrepreneurs are the only people who work 80 hours a week for themselves to avoid working  40 hours a week for someone else”.

For the sake of creating healthy balance, delivering and receiving great value and also keeping the integrity of your business strong take a look at a few of these tips to see if it helps a bit with packing up some of those hats!

How do you handle multiple hats in your work?

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the problem with too many hats