One Month Baby Update & One Month Postpartum

One Month Baby Update & One Month Postpartum

Since posting about the arrival of Grey, I decided to take some “time off” to completely focus on my new son. Today, I’m sharing some details of this time with an one month baby update and one month postpartum update. I’m just a tiny bit sad that we’re already at month one for little Grey. The last few weeks getting to know him and getting over the fact that he’s actually here has been so amazing and I’ve been in pure bliss even with the recovery from birth (more on that later). Hoping that this last time as a new Mama doesn’t continue on any faster.

One Month Baby Update & One Month Postpartum

One Month Baby Update & One Month Postpartum

One Month with Grey

From the first nights together in the hospital until now, Grey has been such a good baby. He’s really very calm and mellow…until you change his diaper and goodness he has a lot of those throughout the day the way he gulps down my breast milk every other hour!  Our days are spent literally attached together while he eats or sleeps…right now I don’t want it any other way. I can’t stop looking at his big dark eyes that go super wide when he’s on my shoulder. He has such an alert expression and it’s a trip to see.

Let me give some technical stats of Grey. At birth he weighed 7lbs 4.2 oz.  Appointment #1 four days after birth he weighed 7lbs 1 oz. which the drop in weight is normal for babies after birth. The two week checkup he surpassed his birth weight, weighing 8lbs 4.5oz. The nurses weighed him twice because they were shocked he gained so much since his last visit. If you breastfeed, you may understand my excitement about hearing this news. I even get excited seeing his poop and pee like that’s all me right there! Today at his one month checkup he weighed 9lbs 9oz. and steady climbing the scale. There were no shot given and the only thing that concerned me was the flare up of baby acne on grey’s cheeks. To help with the raw and red skin, his pediatrician prescribed an OTC hydrocortisone .5 for relief. Hopefully, this is gone soon. Little man looks irritated with this break out on his face.

Breastfeeding has been pretty simple this time around because I understand how it works and what I need to do. It still has it’s ups and downs like the initial engorgement and the raw nipples from the constant feeding but this is still a walk in the park compared to my first experience of exclusive breastfeeding three years ago.

Sleeping has been amazing with maybe getting up twice to change his diaper. Don’t worry, I flip to each side every two hours to nurse but only open my eyes for a few seconds to adjust and pop in the boob…back to sleep he goes and me too! He’s fed all throughout the night and I wake up feeling well rested and ready for more the next day.One Month Baby Update & One Month Postpartum

One Month Postpartum Update

As far as my one month postpartum update, I’m feeling really good and on a scale of 1-10-were about a 6.5. The hormones are calming down a bit but I struggle with anxiety about the baby still. No-one can old him without me worrying they’re going to drop him so I hold him all the time and boy is my back paying for it. Recently, I’ve had issues with upper back muscle spasms and man oh man…the pain. A lot of it has to do with positioning during nursing and my posture. Hopefully, it passes soon but as of right now it’s live and hard to tolerate.

I gained a little over 50 pounds with this pregnancy putting me at 201lbs two days before delivering. I’ve never been this heavy in my life.  Since giving birth, I’ve walked here and there for exercise. Kegels are a must and every chance I get they’re happening. It took a while to do them after giving birth but each day I’m feeling stronger and stronger. After my 6 weeks checkup though, the workout sessions will begin again. I’m super ready to get mentally and physically back in shape which is key for me after baby. It’s not all vanity over here, working out is a necessary addition to my lifestyle.

What I’ve experienced other than high anxiety with baby four is Mom guilt. Davis adjusted very well with his baby brother once he arrived. Honestly its been a challenge to keep him calm and gentle with him but he’s excited about “his” baby and his excitement reassures me that this is going to be just fine. Being out with the both of them has been a kind of rough. Thank goodness for stores like Wal-mart where you can order online and pick up your groceries! This service is everything for this work at home Mama. Everything!

This first month has been overall a great experience with minimal downs from raging hormones, the challenge of having both boys alone to the most recent back pain and scary baby acne. Slowly but surely with tweaks here and there, we will find our balance and it will be as together it can be with four kids!

What are your highs and lows from the first month with your baby? Are you feeling 100% or looking for that good thing to make its way back sooner than later?

So glad to be back and look forward to sharing my experience while documenting Grey’s progress. Hopefully it can be of resource to you in some way!

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