November Favorites

November Favorites

Hey, Hey Heeey! Ok, I’m super late putting out last month’s favorites. November was such a fast month wasn’t it? Kind of hard to believe my birthday, Christmas and my wedding anniversary is a little over two weeks away. Oh and the big one…the end of 2016! I’m ready for it all! How about you? Tell me what you’re doing to get ready for the New year.

In the meantime, I’m going to back track a bit and let you know what my favs were for the month of November. Take a look at the list below.

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Liquid lipstick “Ashton”

I’m going to put it out there this is one of the most comfortable liquid lipstick on the market.
I wear this almost every single day! The color is perfection, described as a mid tone yellow brown which goes well with my skin tone. The formula dries quickly and can last for a few hours but with matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks I’m never surprised when it starts to flake or crumble a bit with long wearing time…it dries matte, duh! When the starts to happen I add a bit of my chapstick to loosen up the color and rework it across my lips and woolah, a new version of the formula with moisture in the same color. In my opinion, nothing that matte should stay on the lips that long anyway. 

H&M-MAMA Leggings “Black” 

Leggings are an essential piece of my wardrobe for this pregnancy. I love how they make it easy for me to put an outfit together and the comfort level it gives me all day with the over the belly style-meaning no digging in my sides or uncomfortable squeezing of my belly area. The Mama Leggings from H&M gives me all of that with their use soft, organic cotton jersey material and the wide ribbed panel at the waist for my most comfortable fit. The price point of 12.99 will have you stocking up and using these for pregnancy and beyond! 

Clinique “Take the Day” Off Cleansing Balm

If you’re still using mattifying products like me from foundation, to lipstick or matte eyeliner, then you def want to add this balm to your “get undone” routine. Before washing my face, my finger tips take a quick swipe of the product and work it into my dry skin and over my waterproof or matte makeup. The balm turns into a silky oil and I use circular motions to work it into the face. Rinsing well with warm water and patting dry my skin is clean and moisturized. Using this stuff and not stripped from all the drying products placed on my face for five hours plus. Great cold weather skin essential!

Traditional Medicinal Organic Pregnancy Tea

I loves my tea! Due to the restrictions of pregnancy, a lot of my fav teas are off limits even after (baby-breastfeeding Mama here) and so I went on a hunt for the best ones for right now. Traditional Medicinal Organic Pregnancy tea kept it easy for me with it’s simple ingredients which give me a peace of mind as I sit back and knock back a cup or two daily. I don’t have to add honey to my mixture the taste is spearmint and pretty good with nothing added. This is sound good for you even if you’re not expecting.

Sprout Pregnancy App 

Oldie but goodie with this app. What you will love so much about it is the life-like images of your baby from week 1 all the way until week 43! I better not get to week 43 lol! Each image carries a note or two regarding the week of pregnancy you’re currently in. Also, there’s a heartbeat sound playing in the background that just makes it more life-like. Other features include a journal where you can write to the baby or about your pregnancy experience and at the end of your journey, you can create a free pdf of all of your entries to add to the baby book for memories-I love this feature.

Lastly the organizer tools that includes a planner, to do list, newborn essentials, kick counter, hospital bag list and more! This app has it all to keep you together during your pregnancy and it’s my go-to. Check it out on iTunes for $3.99 to unlock all the features and is available on iPhone and google play.

What do you think of this month’s favorites? Let me know your favorites in the comments so I can check them out! 

Thanks for hanging with your girl today.


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