New You Series: 5 Target Workout Moves

New You Series: 5 Target Workout Moves

New Year…New You…that’s the motto every year right? We all start looking for ways to improve and shed the old, literally with our weight and more. Getting in shape is the first thing on most of our lists to start getting to the new! Here on Just…Memesu , to kick off the New Year …a “New You” Series was created to give a resource for your fitness and health needs. For next weeks installment, I’m teaming up with certified fitness trainer Greg Champ Barlow, founder of 3PAthletics, he’s ready to answer all your questions on nutrition, the best exercises for trouble areas and more!

How about we start taking some steps towards the new with an impactful workout that consists of five target moves hitting all the main areas of your body! The goal here is to complete each exercise three times before moving to the next! Make sure to warmup first and have your water nearby! Please, please, please make sure you have clearance before doing ANY workout program! Rest when you need to! Here’s to the new us! We see you 2016!

CHEST-ARMS-BACK (10 Reps)5 Target Workout Moves

CORE-(Hold 45 Secs)5 Target Workout Moves

LEGS-GLUTES (25 Reps)  5 Target Workout Moves

CALVES-(25 Reps)5 Target Workout Moves

Total Body-(10 Reps)5 Target Workout Moves-3 5 Target Workout Moves-2

So what did you think? How does your body feel!?  Did you complete all the rounds? You can do it! You can do it! Make sure to definitely stretch afterwards!  Make sure to check back next week for the ‘New You” Series next workout installment! Again, we will have expert advice for your questions so ask away!

Again, here’s to the best version of you!

I believe in you! 2016 let’s go!