Top JustMemeSu Blog Posts of 2016

Top JustMemeSu Blog Posts of 2016

Top JustMemeSu Blog Posts of 2016

We’re in the last days of 2016 and I started to reminisce on some of my favorite posts for the year. Take a look and let’s see if we share some of the same favorites on JustMemeSu.

Fashion Favorites :

A Little Bit of Shoulder

I loved everything about this shoot! The photographer is my absolute fav Kaye, who I would give all my coins to shoot me everyday if I could. I’ve always enjoyed our shoots and can’t wait to work with her again in 2017. This shot is especially relevant because of the impact it made in my blogging at the time. I saw the pictures from this session floating all around the internet and landing me on ASOS, and more! It will forever be a favorite.A little bit of shoulder

Off Shoulder Dress & Lace Up Heels

Loved this post because it put my belly on full display. Blogging has given me a beautiful timeline of my progress and amazing memories to look back on. I felt beautiful and what made it even more special is that my 12 year old son Dmetri shot the pictures!

Lifestyle Favs:

Weiners and Losers

I found myself in a weird place this year, figuring out my decision to not work for a traditional job and to venture out and follow my true passions. Creating this post on how I recognized myself in watching my fav show and how it helped me push forward to do better and be better made it one of my favorite shares for the year.

A Major Key to Success: Friendship

Having a photoshoot with your bestie has to be number one on everyone’s fav list right? This was a great day with my sister friend that has been in my life since we were 12 years old. We are both following our dreams and pursuing the life we want without any excuses. Love the memories captured and the message we can always come back to.

Bestie and Business

Photo Shot by Dmetri Harris

And We’re Pregnant 

Number one post for sharing my number 4th baby! I feel so blessed to be a mother again and to have another son. I’m overwhelmed with happiness when looking back at this annoucement!

and were pregnant

Image Shot by Dmetri Harris

Beauty Favorites:

Spring Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

I love doing  YouTube videos and this one was one of my favorites because the progress was apparent and I loved the feedback!

Spring Blue Shadow

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette  

Loved the look and had fun shooting this tutorial with my son. He was completely over me but we got it shot and I shared one of my favorite palettes for the year.

ABH-Modern Renaissance Palette Review & Tutorial

Favorite MOMents:

Toddler Outing Learn & Play

Being a work at home Mama has it’s perks and that’s spending time with my children. Davis is like my little bestie, we hang out all day and creating this post on how we get out and about was fun and hard work! Images were shot by his big brother Dmetri who  along with my older son Miles will all be more involved on the blog in 2017. Trust me the older two are major contributors to making this space possible from shooting pictures, to managing my social media accounts. We are hard at work planning content for next year, which includes their blog space too! Stay tuned!

MOMents: Toddler Outing Learning & Play

What Mama Wore: Pinkblush Boutique

Another hard but fun photoshoot with Davis. He teaches me patience, stopping to appreciate the moment and being flexible to play. I laugh at these images with the hand me down spiderman costume on. He put his foot down about wearing it and as you can see he got his way. I got one of my fav shoots with him ever.

ShopPinkBlush Justmemesu Collab


What did you think of my top post for JustMemeSu? I really wanted to post more favs because as I combed through posts choosing my lineup, I could see my progress this year and I could also see where I’ve loosened up and become even more transparent and revealing. This can only be helpful and that’s what I created this blog space for! Please share your favorites with me and tele what you would like to see in the new year from Just…MemeSu. Health and wellness is definitely the route I’m preparing content for that is needed for women and our families!

See you in the new year!

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