A Major Key to Success: Friendship

A Major Key to Success: Friendship

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A major key to keeping me motivated while working on my goals is having a strong community of genuine support from my loved ones and supporters. When I say genuine, it means the truth is delivered, they actually read a post and really believe in what I’m doing. They’re down to motivate me and keep me liable for what I said I wanted to do.

When I met my bestie Erin at 12 years old, we immediately started to share our dreams and goals with one another. Of course, as we have evolved into women, started families and careers ( a few for me!) our dreams changed from collecting the latest Lisa Frank stickers to creating brands and  really living the life we wanted!

There’s nothing like a power session of going over projects, encouraging one another sparking creative energy which instantly helps our businesses… especially on an off day. It’s one of my favorite things to do with my bestie. I feel the dynamics of our personalities and genuine care for each others success is what makes the friendship so great and so important!

My friendship is everything in my success and here’s why?

-Friends are great motivators and offer a level of support that helps you get through ups and downs. There’s nothing like having a bestie to talk you off the ledge of giving up on a goal when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

-Friends are your truth! They’re a reflection of you and who you are and who you’re becoming. Got a bestie who reeks of negativity, doesn’t want to change or work on their goals? Watch how it literally sucks the life out you and takes ou both away from your individual goals. Look at your bestie and you should see yourself!

-Friends just make life so much better! Having a bestie, especially one like mine who shares the same drive and excitement for life boosts your self-esteem and makes you feel better about yourself. The plus in that is you both get that boost!

Erin and Kristen

Bestie and Business

Bestie and Business

Girl, you better follow your dreams with your cute self!

Having the support of my bestie makes going through the ups and downs of goal chasing a tad easier.

How do you keep your community strong? One bestie? A significant other? A  whole gang of supporters? Share and let me know!

Also, take a moment to follow and support Erin’s movement of empowering women and young girls.

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