What have I been up to lately?  This is what I’m assuming some of you guys who follow me or drop in here and there are asking…

Well, one I’ve been working a whole lot doing a lot of cool things. I will be traveling to work this week during NYFW to work as a brand strategist for an amazing brand here in Atlanta (more on that soon. promise.) I have so many content ideas to share all these cool things with you but my time has been so stretched and limited where it’s hard to even pop a picture up on ANY social media platform some days. I’m workingon it though and it’s coming. Stay tuned.

I got me some bangs girl! This might seem like a simple change but I felt instantly more confident , sexy and happy. The power of a haircut is life changing I tell you!

Reading books have been my jam again. I haven’t been this consistent since my first pregnancy 16 years ago! My current reads are:

The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle by Steven Pressfield

Photography work has been plentiful. Oh, you didn’t know I was a photographer? Well, I didn’t either until opportunity after opportunity had me realizing that I was running a business. Not to mention, my mental state was elevated to the highest levels of happiness and peace that I’ve experienced since leaving the corporate rat race. This new direction in my purpose has opened more ideas into where I want to take my passions and more. My site is here so check it out and let me know what you think.

I got back into making videos for Youtube and really excited about taking my content to the next level. Help me out and subscribe here. I need you!!!

Veganism has been crossing my mind lately a lot. Why? I started having not so pleasant reactions to meat since my last trimester with baby Grey. It literally freaks me out to tear meat from the bone when eating chicken etc… I’m researching and atking baby steps into this possible lifestyle change.

I’m still workingon my anxiety, loving my sweet Husband and our four boys, laughing louder, living louder and creating memories and bonds with amazing people.

What have yall been up to?