He’s Here…

He’s Here…

He’s here and we decided to name him Grey because well…we liked it. After pondering over it up until the last day at the hospital we decided to make it official and feel it fits our baby boy fully. No go backs!

It’s been the happiest first week with this beautiful child. I instantly couldn’t imagine my life without him. The experience of bringing him into this world was a challenge from start to an eventful finish but in the end…it has been all worth it.

We’re currently in the fun newborn stage with sleepless nights and caring for our new teeny tiny person while in his little fragile state. There was a bit of anxiety on my part, being nervous the first 48 hours changing his diaper etc… Don’t ask me why but it’s all good now. With Grey being my last child, I feel no need to ask for time to slow down nor do I feel anxious about the next phase. I’m excited about where the two of us are now, marrying him into our crazy family, enjoying the ride and taking in our days together. I’m so in love.

So here he is…Grey.

The final of my four amazing boys.

He's Here

I hope they always knows how much I prayed for them…every single one…this is what I waited for my whole life, a house full of kids. Motherhood is everything. My heart beats for my children. 

The birth story will be up by next week if I can get my baby off the boob! My experience will hopefully help any expecting, ttc or new Mamas.

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