Hello! ¡Hola Bonjour! 你好

 Hello! ¡Hola Bonjour! 你好 Beauties!

I’m sure a simple Hi would’ve sufficed I guess but I wanted to get my point across and speak to the masses of beauties out there! Hiiiiiiii! I’m Kristen but affectionately known as Meme! MemeSu comes from my Mom as an extension to my already cute nickname! Hehe!  As you can see, this is my very FIRST POST! I’m extremely excited and a bit nervous about entering the world of blogging!  Anyways, after a few weeks of research, camera investing, shots, time investing and shyness curing I’m ready to put myself out there and add my inspirations and ideas to the awesome community of bloggers! 

December is my start month so keep your eyes out for daily posts with lots of fashion, beauty, DIY/crafts, home decor and so much more!
I’m displaying this awesome JCrew t-shirt below as disclaimer and because one I love the shirt ! I love fashion, makeup, being a Mom and life partner but by no means I’m I claiming to be an expert but the topics I post about are from my experiences and perspective. I would love your feedback and input on things you would like to hear about or things I can improve and I hope we can continue this relationship through your subscription to the blog!

Happy Viewing & Commenting!
Besos! MemeSu!