Five Things I’m Getting Done in November

Five Things I’m Getting Done in November

This is the time of year where if I don’t watch it, the season can slow me down and my mood can become low and I can easily get in a rut. It could possibly be the time change, weather, missing my older kids or having the holidays highlight the disgusting dysfunction in my family that use to bring out this darkness in me but seeing that I’ve been working my little tail off to stay positive and removing super negative people and things from my life…I feel set to get this thing called 2017 ended like champ. 

I feel good…really dang good! We’re in the race to 2018 and this month is like my “okay get your SH*T together month”  to make sure I finish the year strong and also stop and smell the roses! Here are some of my monthly goals for November. Don’t forget to share yours too below!

Five Things I'm Getting Done in November

1.  Christmas Job

I’m already ahead of the schedule with this plan by securing a temporary overnight Christmas job for another stream of income. I want to get ahead of the game with Christmas shopping and put away little bit more cash before the year is over. November is my “no buy” month especially with making a big  purchase for a month or two combined with my recent GUCCI purchase. Adding streams of income is the way to go. Summer of 2016 taught me a valuable lesson financially when jobs were lost in my household at a point when we were transitioning as a family and it scared the hell out of us because what we had went gone quickly and hit us hard. I’m doing everything I can now to build my savings back, credit and secure accounts that were depleted because that unfortunate season. So, my idea to not take from what we have but add by creating another money stream is the way I’m going to go. Are you looking for extra income? Here’s a quick list of legit opportunities that you can do temporarily for the holidays or beyond!

  • Uber Eats Delivery
  • Amazon Virtual Customer Service Rep
  • Retail (Sales & Customer Service)

2. Take Family Photos

Speaking of extra income, I started a photography business MemeSu Photography at the end of August 2017 -so exciting! I have the luxury of taking pictures of many beautiful families, seniors and babies every week. This month when my additional two kids come into town (I can’t wait!) we’re set to take our new tradition of annual family photos. I can finally add them into the empty frames in my living room. I’m still working on the theme but I know they will be amazing! 

3. Book a Vacation before End of the Year 

December is a BIG month for us with so many things to celebrate. We have birthdays, our wedding anniversary, and more to plan something for! Taking travel off the plate…well vacation travel for almost the last two years, we’re itching to start it up again. Ain’t nothing like passport travel and so many places are on my radar like Tulum, Mexico, Spain, Hawaii (paid for this and still haven’t gone)…all I know is December will be booked before the end of November. 

4. Prepare for RElaunch of Just MemeSu

I wasn’t happy for a while with blogging due to many reasons with my drive and figuring out where I wanted to take my space. So this month, I want to work on relaunching the site, maybe changing the layout and my name. I’m not feeling the look of it, Issa NO on that and I want to switch things up with the name because even though it’s my name…I don’t feel connected with it through the blog space if that makes sense. Any ideas of what I should rename it if I go that route? Also, share new products and more so stay tuned.

5. Focus on Family

As you may know from following, I co-parent with my ex-husband. Our two older boys are 16 & 13 and since they’ve moved to a different state it feels like I haven’t seen my boys in months. The longest Ive ever gone without them is maybe an extended weekend. November they’ll be home for over a week and all I want to do is hold on to them as long as I can. I love my little family I created. I don’t care about anything else…promise ya!

What are your goals for the rest of the month?  Let us prepare well and finish strong!