Five Pregnancy Nesting Must Do’s in Your Third Trimester

Five Pregnancy Nesting Must Do’s in Your Third Trimester

The nesting instinct is in full mode and yes people it’s a real thing. The urge to get all this ish done before baby will consume you. For me,  I’m over here like “where in the world this new surge of energy coming from?” because I’m moving around (yes, even with the sciatica nerve pain) cleaning, organizing, and getting this house together. Having the last previous weeks of rest and our impending move to the new house helped store some energy and ideas to make our transition as smooth as possible and to help me start putting the house together for baby boys arrival.

Here are five pregnancy nesting must do’s that can help get your space clean, organized and ready for before and after baby!

Super clean!

  • One of the perks of moving while pregnant is having a blank canvas to get into every area and deep clean while also avoiding moving anything into the space that you don’t need. Clearly everyone is not moving during pregnancy so I would advise you Mamas to work room by room, hitting main rooms first like the nursery-hey baby things need a place to go, master bedroom-I promise this will be your main area of use with baby, kitchen-what if in laws or friends come over and help you out? and the living room-to entertain those coming to see the baby and visit with Mama and Daddy. Choose an all purpose cleanser to help get areas wiped down and cleaned. Stay consistent with a weekly routine of wiping down, dusting and vacuuming and this will guarantee a clean house ready for anything.Five Nesting Must Do's in Your Third Trimester

Shop & Wash!

  • Shop it up Mamas and get all the essentials for baby and yourself. My advice is to wash it all up starting with with the contents for your hospital bag, then move on to the nursery items with an unscented mild detergent and store items inside a drawer or storage container. If the urge to nest and wash happens weeks ahead and the items are left out in the open, they’ll get dusty before baby arrives. Keep crib wiped down weekly and place blankets etc…on the area about two weeks before your due date.  If baby will be sleeping in your room (mine will be for a short time -fingers crossed) keep everything in that area washed in the same cleaners and detergents, mild and unscented. Work on all the other rooms and keep them on a weekly routine of wipe downs and light vacuuming and dusting. Keeping a weekly routine helps with build ups and makes it easier especially if you’re a control freak like me to pass the torch to older kids or Hubby.  So, trust me when baby arrives you will get your share of laundry that piles up very quickly with all the explosions and milk stained clothes and nursing tops in queue to come your way.

Stock & Organize!

  • Baby clothes and blankets are all washed and ready to be folded, hung and put away. Storing away in drawers and containers are a great way to keep items fresh and all the dust away. It’s so tempting to put clothes out and look all cute but you got a little time to really decorate and storing it this way makes it easy to unpack if baby makes an early debut without doing too much work. My advice is to only wash newborn and zero to three month clothing, keep anything after that age group stored until after baby. The weather might be different than expected or he/she may not be as big or little as expected. Transition just with the early sizes to save money and to put more use to all those cute baby outfits in coming weeks or months.Five Nesting Must Do's in Your Third Trimester


  • This is the fun part! I thought shopping was going to be my jam, but turns out stocking, organizing and decorating are the highlights to closing this pregnancy out. I’m personally not doing a nursery because I feel it’s unnecessary even with the space. Setting up an area in the master bedroom is more ideal to how we care for the baby over in these parts. Setting up a changing table, chair and even a crib fits perfectly in our space keeping me close to all baby’s needs and also connected to Hubby. Hey Mama needs love and cuddles too! One of my favorite stops for every type of nursery scenario was the amazing site project nursery. There are tons of pictures, along with advice and product information to create and decorate your nursery.
    Five Nesting Must Do's in Your Third Trimester

Light Cleaning & Allowing Some Help!

The third trimester is a time where baby is packing on the pounds gearing up to make it’s arrival. On the flip side of that Mamas are getting bigger, slower and more tired. If you happen to get this surge of energy to push through and clean up, more power to you but please make sure to listen to your body. Ask for help and take it easy if you’re not feeling 100%. Asking family and friends to help out was something I was never comfortable with (remember those control issues I told you about?) and found myself overwhelmed and a bit stressed after my previous kids. If they want to help let them. You can also try to solicit help from a caregiver service like where you can hire nannies or someone to come over and do light cleaning etc… before or after baby. Mamas can give more of what’s needed when they feel less overwhelmed and stressed. Now is the time to really get some rest and relax. We all hear it all the time that once baby arrives it’s a different ball game. As a Mom to three kids already, I can vouch that this is very true!

We all want to be great Moms taking in the moments with our new bundles, spending time with the kiddies and having a nice organized clean house but when reality sets in it’s ok let go of a lot of things and just be in the moment with family. I think having as many kids as I do definitely taught me that. Hopefully, these five tips can help you get some ideas to get ready for your pregnancy nesting surge of energy that comes in some shape, form or fashion. Remember to create a light weekly cleaning routine, this is really almost a guarantee that your home will feel more clean and organized. be open minded to friends, family or even a caregiver service to help you out if needed, and have fun organizing and decorating whatever space you choose for your baby.

Let me know any additional nesting tips you can share so we can get all the help we can. Nest away and good vibes your way for baby’s arrival!

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