Breastfeeding is Glamorous!

Imagine Via  Instagram
Hi Beauties! 
This was just too fabulous not to post! I’m literally in awe with this photo of Gisele Bundchen breastfeeding her one year old daughter Vivian! Why? Well, I’m currently three months postpartum and still breastfeeding my little boy Davis, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me! After having my two older boys Miles(12) and Dmetri(10), the goal was to breastfeed but with the initial latching pain with my first child and the frustration in understanding the whole schedule and maintenance with the second child the decision was made to give up my breastfeeding goals.
Now fast forward ten years later with our new bundle of joy and what an experience me and baby are having together! It is a great feeling knowing that I’m giving my baby the best of ME! There has been some hiccups so far but we are making this partnership work! I definitely don’t look that glamorous when I feed my little guy so this photo made me blink, rub my eyes and kind of side eye this “model” for a second! I look more like a milk machine and that my friends doesn’t look that attractive! It must be nice to have a team to help you get ready while you comfortably nourish your little one! 
I hope this picture made you guys smile! I sure did because my poor little guy is on his mombo pillow, stuffed in his carrier or balanced in my arms while strategically applying mascara or foundation! I would caption this photo: “Oh the Life!”  
In the end, we are no different (yes, me & the model LOL!) in wanting to breastfeed. We just have totally different ways of providing that to our little ones! Kudos to Gisele for showing us a fabulous way of doing it!
 Do you breastfeed? What would you say are your pros and cons so far? Comment and lets talk about it! I’m definitely still learning!
Besos! MemeSu!