Baby’s Two Month Update

Babys two month update

Two months down a lifetime to go! Grey is two months old and rapidly trying to be an independent little person already. He currently weighs 13.5lbs, is stretching to 22.5inches.

Within these last few weeks, there’s been rapid progression of his motor skills and more peeks into his personality.

With his motor skills, Grey has found his hands and constantly sucks on his fists and bangs his left hand on anything in front of him like his toys, my breast and/or a table. It’s cool to see him concentrate and make this happen. Also, since day one he’s managed to stand assisted of course and push his little feet against any firm surface to observe and look around…I still can’t get over him doing this! His neck muscles are just amazing, he keeps that head up and looks around acknowledging faces and objects especially his favorite the ceiling fan! Also, this month Grey is starting to drool a lot! We love using the Copper and Pearl baby bandana bibs to keep him dry and to catch all that slobber that he’s producing.

The thing that sticks out the most this month is his smile and how he sees me. Oh I can’t take it! I get the most amazing dimpled slobbery smiles from my baby boy. When he looks at me now, it’s clear that he sees me and it just makes this even better and I didn’t think that was possible.

Currently, a real routine is starting to develop for us. Mornings start with him waking up to nursing immediately because I know he’s about to add to whatever is in his diaper and after that a quick change with about 15-30 minutes of playtime and quality time with him kicking and screeching in the bed or his rock and play . We recently added this stroller attachment to his rock and play and he loves it! It’s great because we can add it to most of his stuff like the stroller, carseat etc…  Next he goes down from 30 minutes to an hour and that’s when I shower, get Davis up and try to start some type of house work or blog work. Nigh time routines start with either a warm wipe down or a warm bath and that follows with nursing until he falls asleep and that ends our day together. Speaking of night time, baby boy still sleeps through the night with maybe two diaper changes that I wake him up to do.

I’m enjoying every minute of this new page in my life with a new baby and it’s just getting better and better!

Do you have routine with your new little one? What are some milestones you’re looking forward to in your new baby/s?  Let me know how it’s going below!

 Babys Two Month Update

Babys Two Month Update

Babys two month update


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