Baby’s Three Month Update

Baby’s Three Month Update

 Babys three month update-justmemesu Grey is four months old as of July 26, 2017. Quick recap of month three, we’re on a fast track of weight gain and lot’s of milestones, stats: Weight: ( Adding on 8/2 after 3 month check up!) Height: “” Grey is doing so many new things these days and since I’m blessed to be with him at home, it’s not much that I’ve been missing like:

-the way he moves his head from side to side, following us with his eyes and tracking everyones movements. and grabs for anything I put in my hands while holding him

-daily tummy time sessions. He’s become a pro (no Mama lies here) he can literally pull his upper body up and sits himself up with his hands so cute to watch. During tummy time he’s starting to entertain himself and watches little baby Einstein youtube videos while I brush my teeth, shower and anything else I can fit in maybe fifteen minutes.

-drinks from a cup (with Mama or Dada holding it of course) with less than an ounce of nursery water daily. OH and he’s still #teamnopacifer

-teething started around two months but nothing has broken through yet. The gums look inflamed and swollen so he chews on his hands, now his feet to ease the itchy sore gums (tutorial on teething necklace coming soon). The slobber is getting out of control but its so cute when he grabs my face and pulls me in and lays it on me nice and slobbery. One of fav things that he does!

-Did I say this already? My child loves sucking his hands and anything he sees you with he will try and grab and bring straight to his mouth. Nothing is safe in your hands while holding him.

-belly laughing, another new milestone when I make funny faces or gnaw on his belly with my mouth. He really cracks himself up.

-baby is flipping on his back (as of 7/21) and scoots around so we absolutely cannot leave him alone outside of his crib like on our bed or couch. He’s got somewhere to go….seriously. Recently, we purchased the Bumbo baby floor seat  and this child moves across the bathroom floor in it kicking his feet and throwing his weight back over and over again. I CANT LOL!

-sleeps through the night but needs lots of diaper changes because he poops in his sleep literally two to the three times a night. He also farts like an old man and its so loud I have to yell out in my sleep, “It was Grey”!, so I don’t get weird stares from my husband the next morning.

-still nursing exclusively and I pump here and there to prepare for the apocalypse, a day out and other emergencies. The kid nurses like a champ.

-naps (on tummy head to side) as good as he can with a three year old sugar fueled brother running around and only wanting to talk and play when its baby nap time. I’ve mastered a new sleep schedule where Grey gets put down first, then I scoop up Davis and put him down next. It literally takes about twenty minutes to make this happen and it’s one of the highlights of my day! Iced coffee on deck and an hour of HGTV while I work on the laptop…HEAVEN.

-cutest thing is his gummy smile and when he puts his hands and feet together. Also his interaction with his older brothers and his understanding that they are his people for life.

-wears 3-6 month clothing but we might need to hit the next size up in the new few weeks.

-dislikes anything that he sits in like the car seat, stroller, rock and play…HELP ME.

-looking forward to solids at four months. My plans are to make all his food. Period.

-routines: bedtime tuckers out and over it around 10pm. daytime rises when mommy rises and takes a morning nap an hour after waking up and so forth during the day.

-working with eczema skin conditions and finding our groove with managing it. Baby’s skin is still so new so we’re keeping it basic with moisturizing and keeping it calm away from heat, perfume and dyes. (update post soon).

-wearing shoes! I purchased these moccasins for Grey when I was almost four months pregnant and he can finally wear them. I love Freshly Picked moccasins because of their amazing top notch quality, soft soles and relaxed style for a lot of baby’s outfit looks.

-taking his first trip to the beach at month three to Destin, Florida. First road trip with five boys is a post in itself. I’m still recovering.

Babys three month update-justmemesu
 Babys three month update-justmemesu


Month three has been so fun with baby Grey. He’s really growing and getting stronger and stronger. I look forward to the next milestones like solids and sitting up (we’re getting there) because with that I can put him down onto floor with his brother and they can play. If you have multiple children, you know what I’m talking about when kids start to play together. Yes, some bickering takes place but nothing beats seeing them playing together.
What milestones did your baby(s) hit this month? What are looking forward to in the months ahead?
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