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Everything  started with a management career in fashion retail years ago and ended as a counter manager for a major cosmetic company. What seems like eons ago I went back to school, grabbed a degree real quick and started a new career in architecture & construction management. Working hard, I earned many opportunities to build quality projects like Jimmy Choo & Louis Vuitton stores around the world, plus  I was able to give back to the community by renovating and building early learning childcare centers in distressed areas throughout Atlanta, Georgia.  I was in the rat race baby, the corporate world with my sophisticated look, suits and heels that surely only came with a career like this.


Fast forward to 2013, a year or two after turning 30 and having my third son my ideas started to shift back to when I was doing something I loved…art, makeup; being apart go the fashion and beauty industry! Why did I leave something that I knew from day one I wanted to do? Fours words, worrying about everyone else!

Trust me, I appreciate everything from that period of time but at the end of the day it kept me constantly thinking “what if?”

At this point in my life, the decision was made to start my days new by doing what I love and living the way I wanted!

It all began with a name…

Affectionately called Meme my whole life and given the name extension of MemeSu by my Mother in my teens, it was destined to be the perfect name for me and for my brand!

So there you have it, a little background on me and now your introduction to Just..MemeSu!

JustMemeSu is YOUR resource, providing ways to help beautify not just your outward appearance with the latest mascara and lipstick but to also help you feel and live beautiful in your everyday with tips on healthy living,  creating the body you want, feeding and protecting  your spirit.

Remember, “Happiest girls are the prettiest!” Audrey Hepburn

So let’s be beautiful inside-out, shall we?


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If you are interested in working with me or have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

It would be a pleasure to hear from you!

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