2018 More of This Less of That

2018 More of This Less of That

After my recent birthday, I decided to start that day…my birthday as the start of my “New Year”. If you look at it technically that’s your personal restart to another year of life. My day was started with a wide open grateful heart (a big ol cup of green tea) and I took a few moments to quickly reflect on how I felt about my last year of being 36 years old. I began to reflect and write down things learned, brainstorm out ideas to begin the ultimate task of creating a real list of goals for “my” new year.

  • Keeping Sh*t Real!

After having baby Grey in March of last year, I got really creative with excuses and white lies.  The excuses and lies were mainly told to myself especially when it came to my work ethic. I lacked discipline, drive and boy was I getting just a teensy tad lazy. It’s true! Hey my goal is not to beat myself down here and I don’t want you to that either. I’m acknowledging the problem and aiming to be better. I’m not proud of that lost time but what I learned was what not to do anymore and keeping a chin up about the mistakes…that’s keeping positive right?

My do and don’ts from working that way has helped me create an operations checklist for how I want to move daily in my business and my personal life.  This list holds a snippet to all the moving parts of what needs to be done, all the way down to drinking a glass of water when I wake up. The goal isn’t to keep it real for audience sake, it’s to look in the mirror and know the good the bad and the ugly reflecting back is all me and own it fully. Keeping it real with me flows down to the success I aim for in my business, relationships etc… Whoo this all gets me really excited!


  • Don’t let those who choose to bother you-tell you that you’re bothered.


Let me tell you something, I ended last year on an amazing note! My life was detoxed of energy draining , small minded people and naysayers months before the year ended. The shift of the energy and absence of “going in circles” conversations, gossip and just conversations with no depth instantly changed me. The first thing I had to do was forgive myself and then I worked hard to forgive them. Done but stay away from me lol! Now I want to continue the wave of sharing my life with people who truly truly love me. Not those who want a front row seat with popcorn everytime they think I’ve fallen because honey let me tell you…I fall daily. 2018 chuck up the deuces, cut the ties and set yourself free!

  • You do You

I’m going to make it a real point to be who I want to be. I’ve spent a great deal of my amazing blessed life (let’s not confuse this with THINGS) shrinking it to make other people feel comfortable. I would spend days and weeks away from things I really love because of the paranoia of being judged. Here’s to living boldly, loud and happy!

  • More Self Care

I feel the most free when I’m internally good with me. I guilt trip myself a lot that it all has to be done by me because I’m the parent that works at home or the partner who decided to leave her career or just because I’m the woman of the house. 2017,  I burned out super quick because moments were not set aside to take care of me.  I got ugly, agitated and became withdrawn from a lot of my passions and interests.

Our need to disconnect from some things isn’t the problem. The slow die of the identities we created before babies, husband and careers is. Who we are within those careers, hobbies or even alone time is what needs to be nurtured and exercised every chance we get. Reading is one my favorite things to do but time isn’t there a lot of days to do that. Now I set aside an hour a day to get my reading in…dishes may be in the sink and that load of towels just finished drying but this book is what I need right now.

  • Never Stop Being Grateful

I’m southern, you hear us say thank you all the time and we truly mean it. I rise with a grateful mindset and  fall asleep with the same. All my encounters, even the negative ones I will be thankful. Moving forward, I’m going to do it for everyone and for everything. This has already changed the way I see people and things. I’m very grateful for every. single. thing.

  • No More Worry

2017 I spent a lot of days accomplishing almost nothing because I worried about what was being said about me on this and that, worrying about things that can’t be controlled or changed. Here’s what I accomplished-NOTHING! I’ve already started moving in a different direction with this and life is so sweet with this change. For those plagued with anxiety and worry, yes it happens that quick the difference you will see in your life…especially the people around you. Deep Breaths my friends…Deep Breaths!


Rise up this mornin’
Smiled with the risin’ sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true
Saying’, (this is my message to you)
Singing’ don’t worry ’bout a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright
Singing’ don’t worry (don’t worry) ’bout a thing
‘Cause every little thing gonna be alright -Bob Marley


Well, that’s it my little spill of ideas and mini vents about 2017 and moving forward into 2018. It feels pretty weird adding the number eight in there I must say. Anyway, my hope and prayer for you all is to live life bold and loud, be grateful always, detox your life of people and things that don’t elevate your thoughts or spirit, take some time for yourself, don’t worry about a thing…it changes nothing but makes you a less vibrant and healthy you! Lastly, I pray that your life aligns with your purpose and you WIN in 2018 to always! Muah!

What are some of your resolutions, life practices that you are changing up in 2018?